<![CDATA[the courier guys - Blog]]>Tue, 13 Mar 2018 19:53:25 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[How [the courier guys] use bikes and BART]]>Sun, 05 Jul 2015 21:02:43 GMThttp://thecourierguys.com/blog/how-the-courier-guys-use-bikes-and-bartThere are 2 halves to all deliveries; the pickup and the delivery. Although it may be an easy drive to the pickup half of a delivery, it doesn't mean that driving to the delivery point will be easy at all. That's especially true if you're driving into downtown San Francisco! Because we deliver so many packages between the core east bay cities and San Francisco, we've opted to use the delivery method that has proven most effective when delivering to downtown San Francisco: the bicycle. Many delivery firms use vehicles to handle your transbay deliveries. Unfortunately, it's extremely difficult to get a package to its destination in downtown San Francisco using a car. That's why bicycle messengers continue to be the most effective delivery vehicles for small packages within San Francisco: they bypass most traffic congestion, and can always find parking at their destination. [the courier guys] treat your San Francisco deliveries as if they were any other local San Francisco delivery. Using BART, our messengers shuttle your packages to the city, and then to rush them to their destination without wasting any time in traffic along the way, or looking for parking when we arrive. In many cases, it takes longer to move a package from the Bay Bridge off ramp to it's destination in downtown San Francisco by car than it does to get to drive between the east bay and the City. According to their website, "BART's basic mission is to provide safe, reliable, economical, and energy-efficient means of transportation". [the courier guys] do the same for your parcel deliveries. Remember, at 33 mph (the average speed of a BART train), your San Francisco deliveries are much closer than you'd think - especially if you have to brave traffic to drive them there! Additional facts:

  • 33 mph - average speed of BART train
  • 3.5 miles - length of the transbay tube
  • 5 minutes - [the courier guys] average wait time for a train at West Oakland or Embarcadero Stations (the first and last stops on either side of the Bay)
  • 10 minutes - [the courier guys] average travel time between West Oakland and Embarcadero Stations
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First post to the blog. Good times ahead!